AWS Co-Hosts East Village Merchant Association Inaugural Meeting with Shelter Realty

On Tuesday, September 24th, we were happy to co-host the downtown Tulsa East Village Merchant Association inaugural meeting. We take pride in helping develop the newly forming merchant association of Tulsa’s East Village and creating a collective voice with our city government. A strong downtown core of merchants & residents will keep Tulsa thriving and growing. There is so much going on downtown with development and progress…it is exciting to be a part of it!

We reminded the many business and property owners in attendance at the meeting that roof maintenance is key to saving money and protecting your investment. Small roof repairs and on-going cleaning and maintenance are very inexpensive ways to extend the life of any roof. AWS are experts in roof maintenance. We have low cost maintenance plans that facilitate bi-annual roof inspections and cleanings. We then keep you updated on any small repairs to prolong your roof protection.

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